Fixed & Movable Cold storages

Manufacturing fixed and Movable cold storage is of the important activities of Sarma Gostar Shiraz Co..

Fixed Cold storage

Fixed cold storage manufacturing is made by the registered order, then geographical and climatology conditions of the environment is considered to evaluate the panel diameter, engine type, operator and condenser in terms of power and calculate according to the international standards Cold Storage.

While density sandwich panel standard is 40, Sarma Gostar Shiraz Co. uses DWM compressors (made in Germany) only in seasonal conditions and condenser operators of NIC, SABCOOL and Novin companies are used by this company. Other consumed instruments use the best brands in the market, generally Danfoss brand, and panel board with mechanics trap accessories for running and security system.

Movable Cold Storage

Movable cold storage s of Sarma Gostar Shiraz Co. are of the few Movable cold storages confirmed by traffic police.

Each cold storage has its special standard and differs dimensionally. Their cooling system is designed according to the customer’s request and application.


Pre-cooling is generally devised before the cold storage to be inspected and controlled before placing foodstuff in cold storage and the foodstuff standards will be rechecked.

Freezing Tunnel

Freezing tunnel is designed for freezing some foodstuff and duration and the area of freezing tunnel is depends on freezing duration and customer’s request. Foodstuff is frozen in freezing tunnel, then entered in the cold storage directly or by pre-cooling.