Connex – Prefabricated Houses

Today, Connex construction and prefabricated houses industry witness ever-increasing development and using Connex and prefabricated houses and their replacement with traditional structures is applied as one of the important parts of human’s life.

Equipping constructional, civil and petroleum workshops and villas have been extended significantly that through these important affairs the most primary type of residence is commenced from connex.

One of the activities of Sarma Gostar Shiraz Company is to build and montage various connexes and prefabricated houses.

Connexes are fabricated in the factory and are mainly in the form of welded skeleton, body and roof covered with polyurethane sandwich panel that is produced by professional and experienced cadre.

Chassis of these connexes, depending on dimensions, is an integration of 14, 16 and 18 girder and 40*40 and 40*80 profile.

Considering the design and consumed materials, all connexes are anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-earthquake with heating, cooling, sever winds and storms resistant.

The connex floor has been covered by Indonesian krindor multilayer board with 16mm. or 18mm. thickness and due to the customer’s taste various mats are used on it.

In execution of internal cover, type and number of lightening, door and windows, the customer’s taste is considered

S.K Model

This sample is generally special for prefabricated houses that the montage of sandwich panels put in the project execution place. S.K connexes are divided into two categories due to their structure: with structure and without structure.

Without structure model” is in dimensions with the maximum width of 5m. and its length is different due to the consumption and the customer’s discrimination.

“With structure model” is calculated depending on the area of its structure by structural engineers, however, it is attempted that the lightest type of iron and foundation is used in calculations.

Connex, Caravan and Prefabricated Houses are used for

  • Guard Kiosk
  • Workshop & trading offices
  • Entertainment & recreational campuses
  • Administrative & residential units
  • Safety & emergency care connexes
  • Dormitory
  • Restaurants & kitchens
  • Field clinics
  • Sanitary services
  • Telecommunication connex
  • Connexes for exclusive conditions such as flood, earthquake,…
  • Villa connexes

Specifications of Connex, Caravan and Prefabricated Houses fabricated by this Company

  1. Earthquake-resistant
  2. Economy transportation
  3. Installation on the rooftop
  4. Montage and installation for several times
  5. Cooling, heating, freezing, cracking & moisture-resistant
  6. Transfer to Mountainous Regions
  7. Quick Installation
  8. No need to Expensive Foundations
  9. Audio and Heating Insulation
  10. Evaluating all expenses at the time of concluding a contract and market fluctuations which is not affected on prices